Fairtrade’s vision

Fairtrade’s vision is for a world in which all producers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfil their potential and decide on their future.

How to understand and talk about Fairtrade

Fairtrade is a global Organization working to secure a better deal for farmers and workers. Fairtrade believes that trade can be a fundamental driver of poverty reduction and greater sustainable development, but only if it is managed for that purpose, with greater equity and transparency than is currently the norm. About Fairtrade Fairtrade’s vision People can overcome disadvantage and marginalisation if they are empowered to take more control over their work and their lives, if they are better organised, resourced and supported, and can gain access to mainstream markets under fair trading conditions. Fairtrade also believes that people, businesses and civil society institutions in the developed world are supportive of trading in this way. This is particularly the case when they understand the needs of producers and the opportunities that Fairtrade offers to change and improve their situation. Fairtrade’s work is driven by informed consumer choices, and the desire of businesses to meet the expectations of their customers, both of which provide crucial support for wider campaigning to reform international trade rules and create a fairer economic system.

The FAIRTRADE system

The FAIRTRADE Certification Mark means that products meet the social, economic and environmental standards set by Fairtrade International. The Mark certifies products not companies. It does not cover the companies or organisations selling the products. The Mark represents an international system of alternative trade that assures consumers that the farmers and workers have been paid a fair and stable price for their produce. This fair price covers the cost of sustainable production. When consumers buy products with the Mark, they make a positive difference to the livelihoods of small-scale producers and farmers around the world. The Fairtrade Premium enables producers and farmers to invest in developing their businesses and to improve the quality of their communities. It is paid on top of the agreed Fairtrade price and producers decide democratically how to use it.


Organic Field Coconut Oil: Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers. Total 100%. Fairtrade means fairer trading conditions and opportunities for producers in developing countries to invest in their businesses and communities for a sustainable future. Visit www.info.fairtrade.net