Coconut Oil for Pets

Coconut Oil for Pets- How to Keep Your Pet Healthy

We know of the numerous coconut oil benefits and use it as much as possible in our day to day life. We use it as cooking oil, apply it to our hair and scalp to strengthen the roots and moisture our hair, apply it to our skin and even ingest it directly. But, did you know that coconut oil for dog skin is extremely beneficial as well? Yes, including coconut oil in your pets’ diet could benefit them greatly. Let us see how.

Coconut Oil Benefits for Dogs                                           

Boost its immune system- Lauric acid, one of the primary constituents of coconut oil, has antifungal, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Including coconut oil to your dog’s diet can help boost its immune system to a great extent. You must, however, be careful to only give the pure and unrefined virgin coconut oil to your pet.

Healthy and Glossy Coat

Nothing defines health in a dog more than the presence of a shiny and glossy coat. If your pet is suffering from itchy or dry skin, apply virgin coconut oil to its skin or add coconut oil to its diet. Massaging your pet with coconut oil can result in a smoother and cleaner skin and coat. If you are topically applying the oil to your dog’s skin, make sure you give it a bath soon after. Use a good quality pet shampoo. If your dog is not comfortable with external application, you can just give it internally.

Digestion Benefits

Dogs could face digestive issues due to viral, fungal or parasitic activities in their stomach. The antimicrobial properties in coconut oil help in treating such problems and promote digestive health.

Dental and Bone Health Benefits

Brush your pet’s teeth with coconut oil and see it work magic to its teeth and gums. Your pet is more likely to enjoy this given the taste of coconut oil. Coconut oil for dogs can also help in improving their bone health.

Healing Properties

If your dog has wounded itself somehow, coconut oil can help speed up the healing process. The antiseptic properties in coconut oil will help your dog get better in no time.


For your dog, the dosage will vary from breed to breed. For smaller dogs you should limit the dosage to half a tablespoon daily. Bigger dogs should not be given more than 2 tablespoons daily. You should start with only 1/4th of the recommended dosage. Over a period of few weeks you can build up to the recommended dosage. Coconut oil can be given to cats as well. Do not give more than one tablespoon daily to your feline friends. By no means should you give your pets more than their recommended dosage of coconut oil. Your pets might develop obesity and related issues if you over-feed them with coconut oil.