Coconut Oil for Skin

Surprising Skin and Beauty Tricks with Coconut Oil and Anti-Aging Benefits

Coconut oil is the purest and natural form of oil that is commonly used for cooking. But did you ever know that coconut oil skin care is also possible?

Yes, it is possible to swap out all your expensive beauty products for this wonder oil that can give you flawless skin. This is the one and only do-it-all skin care ingredient that can be used to remove makeup from your skin, moisturize your skin and even for cleansing.

According to experts, benefits of coconut oil for skin have been well researched. Over time, pure coconut oil has evolved as one of the finest skin emollients having antifungal and antibacterial properties. Moreover, it is an excellent natural moisturizer too. It can penetrate through the skin to give you healthy, supple and glowing complexion.

Is coconut oil good for skin? Are you still wondering? Noted below are a few tricks in which you can incorporate coconut oil skin care:

#1: Coconut Oil to Soothe your Hands                                                                            

Coconut oil benefits for skin can work wonders, especially for your hands and legs. It can make your otherwise dry hands, smoother and softer. After dishwashing, simply apply some coconut oil on skin and see the result. You can use virgin coconut oil for skin care, which is unrefined and 100% pure.

#2: Coconut Oil to Highlight your Cheekbone

If your face looks tired just before the party, you need a little bit of highlighter. Instead of going for the store-bought one, try some coconut oil. Just sweep a little bit of organic coconut oil over your makeup and let it rest for while. It can make your skin glow naturally. This is the obvious reason for using coconut oil as the base ingredient formula for makeup.

#3: For Quick Leg Shave

After shaving your legs, it usually feels dry and prickly. Moreover, store-bought shaving creams are expensive too. How about trying coconut oil on skin? An inexpensive and naturally antimicrobial ingredient, coconut oil has skin-soothing effects that can leave your legs feeling soft and looking hydrated, but not greasy.

#4: Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover

Coconut oil benefits for skin include its makeup removing uses too. It is an excellent formula that can be applied on the skin to remove your makeup, especially waterproof mascara. Just take some organic coconut oil on a clean cotton ball and sweep it gently over your eyes. The oil works wonders by breaking down inky, waxy eye makeup, and leaves your delicate eye skin area hydrated. Once done, simply was your face with a mild face wash.

Because it is naturally antifungal, antibacterial and moisturizing, research reveals that it is an excellent treatment for atopic dermatitis too. Many women actually swear by coconut oil as their nighttime moisturizer for the face. Basically, you can clean your face with coconut oil and apply pure coconut oil on skin for excellent moisturizing effects.

#5: Coconut Oil as Body Scrub

Yes, coconut oil is also an excellent body scrub. As your rub coconut oil on skin, it gets absorbed quickly. To make a tricky scrub at home, simply melt some coconut oil and add some brown sugar or salt to it and stir properly. You can apply this on your skin and scrub. It will give you smoother and softer skin within a few minutes.

Anti-Aging Benefits of Coconut Oil – The New Profile

Early signs of aging evolve in the form of wrinkles appearing on the skin. Whether your wrinkles are visible on the forehead, or around your lips, or under your eyes, applying coconut oil on those areas can actually combat those conditions. In fact, there are a plenty of skincare products today that are made with coconut oil.

Is coconut oil for skin and wrinkles? Yes, it is! And, here’s how it works:

  • Coconut oil is a collagen booster that works naturally on the skin. Collagen is the fundamental skin protein that keeps your body tissues connected to keep your skin looking younger and firmer. With age, collagen production gradually reduces, thus causing wrinkles on the skin. Coconut oil for skin facilitates collagen regeneration in the skin that dries up wrinkles effectively. As a result, you can get clearer and smoother skin.
  • Coconut oil is loaded with potent antioxidants. It can fight against free radicals to protect your skin and damages caused. Free radicals are responsible for skin aging that leads to symptoms like wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and freckles. If you apply coconut oil on skin regularly, it can reduce the adverse effects of oxidative molecules and make your skin look vibrant and younger.

So, it’s time to pick up pure coconut oil or virgin coconut oil for skin care and start using it. You would be surprised to see the results.