Coconut Oil Vs Palm Oil- Why is Coconut Oil Better?

When analyzing palm oil and coconut oil and trying to understand which one is better, the first question that comes to mind is how different or similar they are. As far as similarities are concerned, both types of oil come from the fruit of palm trees.  They are both tropical oils and are used for preparing food commercially. However, there is enough reason to argue that coconut oil is better than palm oil.

What is Palm Oil?

Extracted from oil palm fruit, palm oil is not the same as palm kernel oil. This oil is extracted from the pulp of oil palm fruit. The red palm oil gets its color due to the presence of carotenoids and is high in saturated fat content. The oil palm tree is believed to have originated in West Africa. Today, it is widely grown in not just Africa but also in Asia, and North and South America. Oil palms thrive in tropical regions with high heat and humidity that get abundant rainfall. Palm oil is widely used as vegetable oil. In fact, studies have shown that palm oil constitutes about 65 per cent of vegetable oil that is imported and exported internationally.

What is Palm Oil used for?

Palm oil is widely used as an ingredient in snacks, breads, margarines. Palm oil products also include cosmetics, candles and even detergents. Then why is palm oil is bad and why does it get so much bad press? The oil is sustainable and low-grade making it an easy choice for manufacturers. Owing to its property of remaining solidified at room temperature, palm oil is widely used in packaged food. Needless to say, palm oil is unhealthy and should be stayed away from at all means.

You would be shocked to know that the palm fruit undergoes an in-depth refining process before it is turned into oil for consumption and other use. It is not just harmful for your health, but also detrimental to the environment as it creates a lot of toxic by-products. Palm oil could also cause skin irritation and must not be used in body products. It has absolutely no properties that could benefit the skin or your health.

Palm Oil Facts- Humane Reasons to Stay Away

Every year 50 million tons of palm oil gets produced to meet the demands, thus calling for widespread plantation across the world. Forests and lands are getting cleared at an alarming rate just to accommodate palm oil plantation. This has resulted in issues such as deforestation and climate change among others. In fact, palm oil production has also been linked to habitat degradation and endangering the ecosystem and its biodiversity. Studies have shown that hundreds of thousands of animals have been harmed, killed or displaced as a consequence of palm oil plantations.

The industry has also been linked to hundreds of cases of human rights violation. In countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, children are made to work in such plantations for a meager sum. The communities that otherwise depended on the forests and land for income have no alternative but to work in these plantations for survival.

Make Healthier and Greener Choice- Choose Coconut Oil

Ditch palm oil and opt for coconut oil instead. The saturated fat in coconut oil is healthy. When taken in controlled proportions in your diet, it has an array of health benefits. Coconut oil is also good for the skin and can be used to cure skin ailments of various kinds. Most importantly, coconut oil is not linked to harming the environment and disturbing the ecosystem. Make the better choice. Choose coconut oil over palm oil.