Production of our Fairtrade Organic Raw Coconut Oil

The Virgin Coconut Oil (Extra) is tested by the Coconut development Authority of Sri Lanka, certified ORGANIC by the Control Union and also Certified Fairtrade under FLO Cert. The Organic coconuts are sourced from the community farms in the lush coconut growing areas of Sri Lanka.

The oil is expelled through Cold Pressed method, retaining the purity and natural goodness where the Product is in RAW form. During the Process, the Product is subjected to a maximum heat range of 40 – 45 Centigrade, which helps to maintain a higher vitamin content, anti-oxidants (which is nil or negligible in ordinary coconut oil), minerals, medium chain fatty acids, taste, fragrance and even protein. The end product is pure and Cristal Clear (clearer than water) with its natural aroma.


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