Our story

faiOur story dates back to 2013. We had met at work and decided to get some lunch together. Before we knew it, we had started talking about our love for coconut oil. It had so happened that one of us had successfully treated atopic eczema using coconut and the other regularly used coconut oil for cooking purposes.  One topic led to another and the result of what started that day is Organic Field, a top quality virgin coconut oil.

While we were exploring virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, we started recommending it to more and more people. The idea of getting our own brand in the market came to us when someone jokingly asked us why we were so fiercely advertising products that we did not even own. We pursued that idea and what we are proud of what we have achieved from then. Good news for those following a vegan lifestyle; our coconut oil has also been certified by the Vegan Society.

Our virgin, unrefined and organic coconut oil is extracted from coconuts grown in the island of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. The oil excudes a pleasant aroma and adds an unique flavor to the food in which it is prepared. Additionally, it can also  extensively be used in skin and body care..